Production grade, end-to-end vision AI

Production grade, end-to-end vision AI platform with fully integrated modules for model building, automated labeling, data processing, model training and hyperparameter tuning.

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Feature highlights

Image and video annotation with automatic annotation

Annotate images and video with automatic annotation of bounding boxes and polygon masks, integrated with training pipelines to iteratively improve models for pre-annotation and inference.

JupyterLab with TensorFlow, PyTorch and GPU support

JupyterLab configured with extensions for debugging, Git/GitHub, notebook diffing and TensorBoard and support for Conda, OpenCV, Tensorflow and PyTorch with GPU and much more.

Auto scaling, distributed and parallel data processing and training pipelines

Build fully reproducible, distributed and parallel data processing and training pipelines with real-time logs and output snapshots.

Version controlled pipelines and environments as code

Bring your own IDEs, annotation tools and pipelines with a version controlled YAML and Docker based template engine.


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