The open and extensible end-to-end
computer vision platform

The end-to-end computer vision platform with built-in modules for model building, automated labeling, data processing, model training, hyperparameter tuning, workflow orchestration and serverless model serving.

How it works


Computer Vision Annotation Tool
Fully integrated image and video annotation

Automatic annotation
Automatic annotation for semantic segmentation and object detection

Data augmentation and processing
Extensible data pre-processing pipelines


JupyterLab and VS Code Workspaces
Elastic JupyterLab and VS Code with TensorFlow, PyTorch and GPU support

Built-in algorithms
Built-in algorithms for object detection and semantic segmentation

Bring your own algorithms and tools
Flexible template and plugin system to bring your own algorithms or tools

Train and Tune

Training pipelines
Automatic infrastructure management and reproducibility

Hyperparameter tuning
Hyperparameter tuning with support for multiple algorithms and GPUs

Built-in visualization tools
Training and tuning visualizations with TensorBoard, NNI Web UI and more

Deploy and Manage

Workflow orchestration
Orchestrate and schedule distributed and parallel workflows

Serverless model serving
Serve models with gRPC or REST endpoints that scale on demand

Python SDK and APIs
Programmatically perform any action using Python SDK or APIs

Key features for computer vision workflows

Integrated environment for every step in the computer vision workflow

Onepanel provides a unified interface for model building, automated labeling, data processing, model training, hyperparameter tuning and workflow orchestration.

Significantly reduce labeling times and costs with automatic annotation

Use built-in or bring-your-own object detection or semantic segmentation models to pre-annotate images and video saving time and reducing annotation costs.

Auto scaling, distributed and parallel data processing and training pipelines

Build fully reproducible, distributed and parallel data processing and training pipelines with real-time logs and output snapshots.

Hyperparameter tuning for built-in and bring-your-own models

Automatically optimize and save the best model and parameters with built-in hyperparameter tuning.

Python SDK and DSL to define and automate end-to-end workflows

Define Workflows in Python and launch them directly from JupyterLab, VS Code or integrate the entire workflow into any application.

Serverless model serving with support for GPU autoscaling and scale to zero

Serverless model serving with GPU Autoscaling, Scale to Zero, and Canary Rollouts support for TensorFlow and Python.


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